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Medicine by Design

The Practice and Promise of Biomedical Engineering


A heart that once beat erratically regains its normal rhythm. A woman paralyzed by an automobile accident is now able to resume her favorite hobby. Physicians using a robotic surgical device named da Vinci perform lifesaving operations. These are some of the feats of biomedical engineering, one of the fastest-moving areas in medicine today. Author Fen Montaigne journeys through this little-known world, sharing the stories of ordinary people whose lives have been transformed by technology.


From the now-commonplace heart pacemaker to the latest generation of artificial hearts, Fen tells the story of pioneering patients, engineers, and surgeons. Taking the reader behind the scenes of a dozen of America’s leading centers of biomedical engineering, Fen recounts the field’s history while describing cutting-edge work in medical imaging, orthopedics, cardiovascular care, neurological therapies, and genetics.

“This is the fascinating story of a discipline only dreamed of by Mary Shelley.”

- Booklist

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