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Fraser's Penguins by Fen Montaigne

Fraser's Penguins

A Journey to the Future in Antarctica


Henry Holt & Co.

The story of scientist Bill Fraser, who in four decades of work on the breathtaking Antarctica Peninsula has documented the fate of Adélie penguins and other creatures as the region warms faster than any place on earth.
Surviving Galeras by Fen Montaigne

Surviving Galeras


Houghton Mifflin

A harrowing, first-person account of an eruption in the Andes that gravely injured American volcanologist Stanley Williams and killed six of his colleagues.
Medicine by Design by Fen Montaigne

Medicine by Design

The Practice and Promise of Biomedical Engineering


John Hopkins University Press

The story of the burgeoning field of biomedical engineering, as told through the patients whose lives have been improved through new devices and medical procedures, and the physicians, scientists and engineers who invented these breakthrough technologies.
Reeling in Russia by Fen Montaigne

Reeling in Russia

An American Angler in Russia


St. Martin's Press

At the low point of Russia’s post-Soviet collapse, journalist Fen Montaigne, fly-rod in hand, makes an unforgettable 100-day, 7,000-mile journey across northern Russia and Siberia.
The First Directorate by Fen Montaigne

The First Directorate

My 32 Years in Intelligence and Espionage

Against the West


St. Martin's Press

The compelling story of renegade KBG General Oleg Kalugin, who became the highest-ranking KGB official to publicly break with the spy agency in the final years of the U.S.S.R.

Literary Agent:

Alice F. Martell, New York City

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