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After helping launch the online magazine, Yale Environment 360, in 2008 and serving as its senior editor for six years, Fen returned in 2014 to freelance writing and editing. He edits magazine articles and books and also takes on ghostwriting and collaborative book projects.


At Yale Environment 360, Fen worked closely with Yale e360’s veteran editor, Roger Cohn, who was formerly the editor of Mother Jones and Audubon magazines. Fen conceived of, assigned, and edited stories, often working with the site’s younger writers and reporters. Depending on a journalist’s level of experience and talent, Fen did everything from minor edits to extensive revision and rewriting of articles. Devoted to covering global environmental issues, Yale e360 is one of the most important sites for environmental journalism on the Web, attracting more than 2 million visitors a year. The magazine is affiliated with Yale University’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.


"Fen Montaigne is a superb editor who knows how to help make anyone’s writing sparkle. He has the rare gift of improving writers’ work while keeping their voices."  


- Roger Cohn, editor of Yale Environment 360 and former editor of Mother Jones

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